This campaign is focused on three major principles.


Specifically, giving Georgians more choices, not necessarily the utility companies. I advocate for you making more of your own decisions whenever possible.

When Republican and Democratic PSC candidates talk about deregulation, what they really mean is letting the utility companies do whatever they like. Proper deregulation, as advocated by Libertarians like myself and Ryan Graham, is about allowing competition to thrive and giving Georgians more choices.

Consumer Advocacy

If we had a free market, the customer would be king and could advocate for himself. But we don’t have a free market, and there are no customers, there are only ratepayers and taxpayers. While I can always advocate for freer markets, a seat on the commission is no magic wand.

In the meantime, so long as we have this central planning agency, it’s important to have someone on the commission who is focused on accomplishing your goals. I encourage you to look at who has been donating money to each candidate as you decide who would represent you.

Look Before You Leap

The decisions that come before the Public Service Commission are complex and nuanced. Anyone who ends up sitting on that board needs to be willing to get down in the weeds and carefully consider each, with cautious approach to rapid changes.